About Us

Established in 1998, MC Pharmaceuticals Company is offering quality of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical products, medical devices and fast-moving consumer goods in Myanmar nationwide. We are most trusted and reliable distributor with wide distribution networks and long-term stable corporative relationships with leading multinational suppliers. We are not just distribution the product, we always care to contribute the best value for our stakeholder with our decades of experience. Our company is well positioned in Myanmar market with our full of distribution, marketing and conduction strategies. We have a capable workforce that have solid experience in pharmaceutical industry. All of our products are complied with international quality standards and registered to Myanmar FDA. We have offices in Yangon and Mandalay and we appointed experienced and reputable dealers in each potential area. We also directly distribute the products to hospitals and clinics throughout the country.


To provide the quality of healthcare products to Myanmar people for healthier and happier lives.


We are committed to contribute the quality of healthcare products to our societies without compromising on our core value of virtue, integrity and expertise.We are committed to become most preferable and valuable partner of our stakeholders- customer, employee, shareholder and its supplier.We are committed to maintain our excellence attribute in order to satisfy all segment of customers’ needs.



Established as a small company with few team members. Founded a head office in Yangon and a branch office in Mandalay.


Partnered with OSOTH INTER LABORATORIES CO.,LTD. Imported around 10 items of pharmaceutical products


Expanded the product range into around 20 items.


Became partner with more and more multi-national suppliers-FORA, PHARMACARE


Started partner relation with IMPAC PHARMA CO.,LTD.


Distribution networks are covered the whole country with appointed sub-dealers in strategic geographical ares.


Some brands became market leaders.


Operating with over 100 employees. Conversion to a public company.